Connectwell is India’s leading manufacturer of Terminal Blocks, Interface Modules, Surge Protection Devices and Switched-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS).

Over the years we have evolved into a truly global player known for the consistently high quality of our products and our exceptional customer service. Our products are approved and certified by UL, CSA, VDE, AT EX and CE, among others, and the Connectwell Test Lab is recognised under the Underwriter Labs’ Witness Test Program – a distinction given to very few in our industry.

CP Series from Connectwell

The new CP Series from Connectwell combines tool-less wiring ease and speed with corrosion free and gas resistant connections that can withstand harsh environment. and extreme vibrations. All in an extreme, compact and thin configuration of as thin as 3.5 mm thickness
Advantages of
CP Series PUSH-IN Terminal Blocks

400% faster connections with tool-free connection
3.5mm Thin Terminal BlocksWith only 3.5 mm thickness, a standard 1.5sq.mm. wire with a crimped ferrule can be easily connected in our CPI.5 Terminal Block. The CP series Sensor and Actuator terminals are also 3.5 mm thin. 30% space saved in control panels due to 3.5mm thickness of the Terminal Blocks
Pluggable Jumpers for ease of Jumpering 2 Independent rows for insertion of jumpers Bright Orange Insulation to indicate presence of
Same Series Jumpering across CP, CX & CY series Terminal Blocks
Large Openings for wider range wire entryThe specially designed housing facilitates ease of
wire entry even with crimped ferrules
Withstanding Harsh Environments Specially designed Spring configurations for excellent resistance to loosening of wiresSubjected to severe Mechanical Vibration and Shock tests as per IEC 60068-2-6 & IEC 61373 guidelines – vibrations of upto 300 Hz with displacement of 5 mm, at acceleration of 30 m/sec2, in all three axes for a duration of 2 hours on each axis.
Also subjected to 3 mechanical shocks in the positive direction and 3 shocks in negative direction at acceleration of 300 m/sec2 in all three axes with pulse duration of 18 milli seconds Use of non-ferrous metals ensures suitability under extremely harsh environmental conditions like Marine applications and Chemical plants
Can resist very large pull out forces

Possibility of making connections without tools, with assured secureness of wire
connection independent of operator or human skill

Values in the graph are for 2.5 sq.mm. wires

The CP Series Sensor & Actuator Terminal Blocks &
8 Level Marshalling Terminal Blocks in action

With the fast and easy PUSH-IN technology,
Connectwell’s Sensor and Actuator Terminal
Blocks help in simplifying Sensor cable
connections in control cabinets

8 Level Marshalling Terminal Blocks enable
easy connection of upto 32 wires in a compact,
space-saving design

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CP Series Range for different application

The new
CY series range:
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Terminal Blocks
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